Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cricut Cartridge Storage!

This is my storage… I’ ve gone through several
variations and this is by far my favorite.
(Storage cemetery at the bottom of this page.)
Click any pic for a closer look.
I’d love for you to leave your questions or comments here or in my cbox.
I still get PM’s via the Cricut MB but I just don’t
frequent the MB as often as I used to so my responses may take a week or so.
For over 300 testimonials visit this link:
Cricut Message Board reviews on the Snapware Cart Storage
Because I use DS it’s rare that I reference the books so I keep my
carts and tools in one set and my books and overlays in another.
I sort my carts alphabetically and leave a space between all letters.
(see pic mid page)


Sightings of the Snapware Ribbon Holder have been at J’s,
M’s, Lowes, Office Max & Ross. I preferred an all clear lid so I bought
3 units from The Container Store. (A unit is 1 small bottom and
1 large top.) They were $15 in store last year when I bought mine
but they are now $11. Some with colored lids have been
purchased for as low as $1 a unit! I have a few of the colored lid units
for other things but I have noticed that you get what you pay for…
some of the cheaper units I’ve purchased do not feel as secure as
the more expensive units I initially bought at TCS and
they sometimes give me trouble when I try to close them.
IMO, not worth going cheap.
It’s called the Snap ‘n Stack Ribbon Dispenser at TCS. Here’s the direct link:
Snap ‘n Stack at The Container Store
This neatly organizes 40 carts in a single small layer of the holder
and up to 15 books/overlays in each of the larger compartments.
I have my foreign languages removed and use the bottom
compartment for tools and markers.


from the CMB took it a step further and added a
luggage strap for additional strength. I found these pink with heart dog
collars in the Target $1 bin and they work great.


The dividers are made of Plastic Canvas. Plastic Canvas comes in a
6 pack of 10.5×13.5 mats at WM for $1.97. Although I have never seen any
size other than what I use, It comes in 4 sizes:
5 holes to the inch, 7 holes to the inch, 10 holes to the inch, and
14 holes to the inch. I use and provide cut dimensions
for 7 holes to the inch.
Out of a single package I
have made 2 sets for myself and 2 as gifts and I probably have enough
to make 1 more (5 total = storage dividers for 400 carts – lol!.)
I’ve also seen colored Plastic Canvas sold in single sheets at Joann’s.

The cut directions are:
7 strips of 59×10 (# of holes)
Cut 5 deep @ 12, 24, 36, 48
4 strips of 39×10 (#of holes)
Cut 6 deep @ 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 & 35
59×10: You should see 59 rows by 10 rows so you’re
cutting at 60 and 11. The same for 39×10.
Any questions, please just ask!
If you would like to order a set please leave a comment
here or in my cbox (to the right) and I’ll get back to you.
I will make for you for $5 plus ship & handling.

Cricut Storage Cemetery

Original Boxes
Unless you have enough room to house these they’re just way too bulky
to store as-is. Not to mention the hassle of having to locate and open a box
every time you want a different cart or to look at a book – just too much work
if you ask me. Even with DS I wouldn’t want to take up any room in my craft area
to store these in their original packaging. AND, if you have any solution carts
you have to buy boxes because they come in the disposable plastic cases…
waste of time and again, money and space that could be used on other
crafting supplies. (I sell my boxes so if this is your preferred method…
keep an eye out here for sales on empty boxes.)
Scrap Paper Scissors Polka Dot Bag

I really liked this early on. It was a great portable way to store my
carts, books and overlays with the option to grab and go with ease.
Unfortunately at about 20-25 carts the books and overlays
started to become too bulky. The bag lost it’s shape, it wouldn’t stand
on it’s own, the handle started to give… I just needed to move on.
Plano Flip Sider
Hated this from the get go! Unfortunately I packed up the family and
drove over 40 miles to pick up the last 3 units the bait and tackle shop had
on their shelf. Once I tried it out… 1) I wasn’t about to immediately admit
that I obsessed over these boxes that I HAD to have only to find out how
much I hated them and 2) I wasn’t about to pack up the family and drive
another 40 miles to return them. I didn’t like that the carts sunk so deep you
couldn’t just grab them… part of this storage means altering the depth of
every slot. I’ve heard of people using Kleenex, that thick foam used for
packaging, bubble wrap, toilet/tissue paper – sorry, not into it.
And you still needed to find a solution to organizing the books and overlays.
(P.S. – I have 2 around here somewhere that I’ll
sell cheap if anyone wants them!!)


ellen said...

How in the world did you come with this. It is great. Counting the little holes is very hard for me.

Amy said...

Shannon - I went to an all day crop on Saturday and I have several people "ooh-ing" and "aah-ing" all over my new cricut cartridge storage. I got a bunch of compliments! Thanks so much for sharing this great idea with me!!!

linda said...

Great Idea....Thanks, my good friend hooked me up with one. She's the best

Julie Phillips said...

Brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing.

Bobbi said...

Ohhh, very nice, I think with this set up, I could almost be willing to get my carts out of their boxes.

Joan said...

Super idea! Thanks for sharing.

Sue said...

Just found the snapware ribbon boxes at for 7.99 each.

yjacrhe said...
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Helen said...

I was already using the Snapware ribbon containers to store my cartridges as someone somewhere else had recommended them. However, your simple canvas solution for keeping the cartridges sorted is brilliant! I just made it this afternoon and it works beautifully!

Thank you so much for sharing! I'm sure this will be quite popular at the next scrap I take them to.

nikki said...

Hi! I just found this fabulous idea! Are you still offering to make the inserts for $5 + shipping? My email is aaronsmom89 @ Thanks!

Vernetta said...

Hi, I love this solution but I am a little confused...did you buy 3 sets of the ribbon holders and snap the big sections together and the little ones together? So they are interchangeable? I saw this variation of the stack online...

The dimensions are slightly different from the ribbon holder...would your separators still work for this one? I am debating if I should get this 4 stack and then the ribbon holders or just the ribbon holders and swap it...what do you think?


gabyangel said...

Thanks for sharing!!! I will try!

Gary said...

These affairs seem to be very useful!
I would like to give it a try due to I need somewhere to organize my Generic Viagra and many other matters

lovestowearhats said...

I'd like a set for $5 - do you have purple? I made a set already and it's purple and I've lost the plastic canvas plastic! Be glad to pay extra :) my email is Thanks! zip is 75862

Christie said...

Extremely detailed and helpful post - love it!! Thanks for all the tips!! I linked you to my blog!


repstein1 said...

Do you still make & sell the canvas part? Please let me know. repstein75 @ gmail

Nick Cooper said...

hi there is it possible for me to pay you to make the whole cricut storage container? i know you said 5.00 for the duviuders but would you buy and put together the whole stoage unit
denise cooper

Nick Cooper said...

sorry this is denise cooper my son is nick !